Founded in 2018, Lahardan Financial set out to provide our readers with sound, secure, and profitable investment ideas.

In short order, we have established ourselves among the preeminent financial publishers of the world. Our research has been featured on CNN, Money Life, Newsmax, Value Walk, and Wealth Professional CA, and our editors have been interviewed by award-winning journalists and nationally syndicated financial columnists. Our research receives millions of views every month.

Together our team has a combined half-century of experience in the industry, bringing expertise and judgment to our readership, and at a time when it’s needed most.

Each investment we review takes countless hours of research. Sometimes this means delving into the financials or reviewing trading algorithms, other times it requires flying half way across the world to see it for ourselves. We’ve even developed partnerships with multi-million-dollar financial research firms. This level of dedication and commitment allows us to make bold predictions and present big ideas.

Our research focuses on low-risk, high-reward opportunities. Often, we succeed in our predictions, and when we do, we share the triumphs, the big gains, and the real-life success stories from our readers. When our predictions don’t play out, we share those experiences too. It’s part of what makes the Lahardan Financial experience different and why our readers trust us.

Each recommendation is one that we would feel comfortable giving to our spouse, our parents, or our children. We recognize this is a tremendous responsibility and we take it very seriously.

From everyone at Lahardan Financial, happy investing!