Friday, September 20, 2019


Founded in 2018, Lahardan Financial set out to provide our readers with sound, secure, and profitable investment ideas.

In short order, we have quickly established ourselves among the most preeminent financial publishers in the world. With a combined half-century of experience in the publishing and financial industries, we bring expertise and judgment to our readership, and at a time when it’s needed most.

The Lahardan Financial name comes from Ireland and pays homage to the years our founders called the green isle their home. Our logo, the Irish doorway, represents both strength and stability, but also the gateway to a profitable financial future. This door is a welcoming invitation to join the Lahardan Financial family, where we treat each reader like they’re a member of our own. Each recommendation is one that we would feel comfortable giving to our spouse, our parents, or our children. We recognize this is a tremendous responsibility and we take it very seriously.

Our overarching goal with Lahardan Financial is to treat our readers as we would like to be treated.

Trust and transparency are key pillars of our success. Markets rise and fall, that’s part of investing. We focus on high risk-to-reward opportunities, and often we succeed, but occasionally we don’t. And when those times come, we share those stories of the bumps and bruises. It’s part of what makes the Lahardan Financial experience different. We also share the triumphs, the big gains, and the real-life success stories from our readers.

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From everyone at Lahardan Financial, happy investing!