Thursday, April 2, 2020
Leon Wilfan

Leon Wilfan

Leon Wilfan is the Chief Investment Strategist for Lahardan Financial.

In his early 20s, Leon started a career in real estate, working alongside his father to learn the principles of value investing. After five years, he took a break from his career to pursue an MBA degree at the prestigious Vienna University of Economics and Business. Vienna University is the birthplace of the Austrian Economic Theory, a way of thinking that explains that the reality of economics cannot be captured by mathematical models, but rather by the behavior of individuals on the market.

Looking for new challenges, in 2016 Leon moved to the fastest-growing region in the world, Southeast Asia. In Singapore, he was fortunate to work for a blockchain startup. He quickly realized the potential of investing in cryptocurrencies—and managed to get in just before the mania started.

As an active Forex trader, Leon is also fluent in technical analysis and price action trading.

Leon’s investment approach is geared toward low-risk, high-reward opportunities. Through years of experience, he’s developed a four-step approach he uses to find undervalued stocks… or, as he likes to call them, MSFTs (misfits).
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